Atesçi started its business activites in the year of 2002 by manufacturing lead based products in the hunting industry. It started production on leadshot, buckshot and slug in this context and commercialized these products in domestic and international markets. The demand for machin- ery in the industry drove Ateşçi to designing and manufacturing machinery. Manufactured with a unique design, machinery became highly sought in domestic and international markets in a short time. Meanwhile, taking the lead based demands of the Defence Industry into consideration, machinery and product diversity increased and, as a result, a series of ammunition machinery such as Lead Wire Extrusion Machine, Lead Core Press, Case Grooving and Trimming machine became part of the Ateşçi’s portfolio. Subsequently, production on ammunition components started based on the demands of the markets. The machinery portfolio kept on growing with each passing day, owing to the experience and knowledge that was gained.

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