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Hong Kong

East Gear (International) Corp Ltd is a Hong Kong company who specializes in tactical Personal Protection Equipment, commodities and communication headsets. We offer customization services and aim to provide solutions for professionals in tactical missions. Most of our products passed the ANSI and EN standard and they are fitted for military, law enforcement and working industrial environment use.

Product Category: BATTLEFIELD HEALTHCARE, Combat Casualty Care, Medical Equipment for Specialised Warfare, COMMAND, CONTROL, COMMUNICATION & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES, Headphones, Audio Amplifiers, Microphones, UNIFORMS, PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT AND BODY ACCESORIES, Uniforms and Dress Uniforms, Ear Protections (Passive or Active), SPECIAL EQUIPMENT & MISCELLANEOUS, Personal Survival Equipment



Edaran 4x4 Aksessories is a trading company which provides marketing, sales and services mainly to the government sectors and corporate clients. Established in 2002 and registered with Kementerian Kewangan and E-Perolehan with BUMIPUTRA status. Edaran 4x4 has been appointed as distributor, dealer and service agents by several principals of premium 4x4 products. To date, our products have been widely installed and used on vehicles of MinDef, Bomba, PDRM, JBPM, JPAM, and many other Goverment departments.

Product Category: BATTLEFIELD HEALTHCARE, Evacuation Assets, Medical Equipment for Specialised Warfare, ELECTRONICS, SYSTEMS AND EQUIPMENT, Frontier Surveillance and Control, SPECIAL EQUIPMENT & MISCELLANEOUS, SURVIVAL & RESCUE EQUIPMENT, Rescue Equipment, SAFETY & SECURITY EQUIPMENT, Traffic Systems, LAND BASED PLATFORMS, Ambulance, Suspension, SEA-BASED PLATFORMS, SYSTEMS & EQUIPMENT, Marine and Undersea Surveillance


United States

Need RIOT GEAR? Visit the famous EDI-USA in booth 4001A in the US Pavilion. Try on our new RIOT SUITS, RIOT HELMETS, and RIOT SHIELDS to see what is right for your work!

Product Category: UNIFORMS, PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT AND BODY ACCESORIES, Berets . Caps . Civil and Minitry Headgear, Bullet Proof, Shrapnel-Proof and Protection Against Shock Clothing, Footwears, Protective Clothing (Against Fire, Low Temperature, Water), Shirts, Underwear, Uniforms and Dress Uniforms, Body Protection, Personal Ballistics (Body Armor & Helmets), WEAPON, WEAPON SYSTEM, AMMUNITION & EXPLOSIVE, Anti-Riot & Crowd Control Weapons & Equipment



EXPAL have a full vertical integration and excellent industrial capabilities. EXPAL designs, manufactures and fully validates all the key components of the ammunition such as fuzes, cartridge cases, primers and propelling charges, which guarantees the highest quality, safety and logistical effectiveness. The company has integrated into its core business, both industrial and technological, the three critical elements in the ammunition of our portfolio: Propellants and Energy Material, Fuses, Metallurgy, one of the outstanding offers in Europe with these capacities under the highest standards of the NATO. Our solid experience in munitions, strong integration capabilities and global presence, allows an ease of adaptation to specific needs, both in the products supplied to the Armed Forces and in opening up alliances with third parties.

Product Category: WEAPON, WEAPON SYSTEM, AMMUNITION & EXPLOSIVE, Explosives Disposal Equipment



FAIR-MANAGEMENT is a company that represents international trade fairs in Switzerland. FAIR-MANAGEMENT organizes country pavilions, builds temporary structures and offers the exhibitors a so-called well-being package.

Product Category: OTHERS, Exhibitions, Others (please specify)


United Kingdom

Global Defence Technology is the essential reading material for decision-makers in the defence industry, bringing you the latest news and insights in an exciting, interactive format. Published monthly and free to read on all devices, this digital magazine takes an in-depth look at defence strategies, procurement, market developments and the latest defence systems for land, air and sea. From major international equipment programmes to the next-generation technologies being developed in the labs of militaries and private manufacturers, GDT is keeping a finger on the pulse of the global defence industry.




J. Arthur (Pvt) Ltd opened its door in 1930, and stepped into the international market with the aspire of customer satisfaction. Recognizing the need of growing international  market of military and paintball products J. Arthur (Pvt) Ltd  extended its best endeavors to bring most innovative paintball and military products.
Credit of our all achievement in fact goes to our worthy business partners who's shackless confidence over J. Arthur (Pvt) Ltd carried us forward at he apex of business, we stand up in the international market on quality as well as on price bases.
OUR PHILOSOPHY: Striving for customer delight; Promoting team spirit; Passion to succeed; Free and open communication; Integrity in all our dealings.

Product Category: UNIFORMS, PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT AND BODY ACCESORIES, Badges - Collar Badges - Decorations, Berets . Caps . Civil and Minitry Headgear, Footwears, Protective Clothing (Against Fire, Low Temperature, Water), Shirts, Underwear, Uniforms and Dress Uniforms, Containers, Bag, Pouches, Cases, Belts, Equipment Straps, Harness, Safety Straps, Cartridge Pouches, Various Helmets, Whistles, Truncheons, Handcuffs,etc, Holsters & Holders Pistol


United States

Kallman Worldwide creates unique opportunities for U.S. companies to strengthen business relationships around the world across physical and virtual platforms. Through its flagship USA Partnership Pavilion - maximizing impact at international trade shows; Digital trade events; end-to-end exhibitor services; custom stand-building and corporate hospitality programs, Kallman has helped US companies, associations and government agencies build “Connections that Click” for over 50 years. The company is a strategic partner of the U.S. Department of Commerce, and a proud recipient of the President’s “E” and “E Star” Awards for Export Service. Kallman Worldwide is headquartered in Waldwick, N.J., with offices in Santiago, Chile and London, UK. For more information visit Singapore Airshow at or

Product Category: OTHERS, Others (please specify)



Two centuries of innovation, transformation and delivering results has made KONGSBERG a recognized global technology leader and a leading supplier within defence, surveillance, space, aerostructures and MRO. We take pride in developing advanced solutions and products of strategic importance, for markets around the world.

Product Category: AIRBORNE PLATFORMS, AIRBORNE SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM & EQUIPMENT, Air Traffic Control System, COMMAND, CONTROL, COMMUNICATION & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES, Tactical Communication System, SEA-BASED PLATFORMS, SYSTEMS & EQUIPMENT, Ships/ Vessels, Submarines/ Submersibles, WEAPON, WEAPON SYSTEM, AMMUNITION & EXPLOSIVE, Guided Weapon Control & Equipment, Guns & Turrets, Missiles



MAXVEC specializes in smart technology, detection, decontamination and firefighting products. We are the principal manufacturer for: •MAXFIRE – Smart Fire Detection System•MAXCBRN – CBRN Detection System for critical infrastructures & public buildings•MAXSECURE – Smart Security with database and smart analyticsCRISTANINI is the reference point in defense and civil protection, in the field of CBRN decontamination and detoxification for military equipment, personnel, infrastructure, and terrain, serving a worldwide client base.

Product Category: BATTLEFIELD HEALTHCARE, ICT Applications in Battlefield, Medical Technology Related to CBRNE, COMMAND, CONTROL, COMMUNICATION & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES, Secured Electronic Systems, Computers and Hardware, Applications and Software, Data Processing and Protection, Surveillance and Access Control, RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT, DESIGN CONSULTANCY/ TRAINING / SERVICES, TRAINING, Training School, ELECTRONICS, SYSTEMS AND EQUIPMENT, Computing & Artificial Intelligence, Detectors, Detection, Monitoring & Surveillance Equipment for Use in Cases of Severe Weather, Earthquake, NBC, SPECIAL EQUIPMENT & MISCELLANEOUS, SURVIVAL & RESCUE EQUIPMENT, Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting Equipment - Ground, SAFETY & SECURITY EQUIPMENT, Access Control Systems, Drug Detection Products, LAND BASED PLATFORMS, Reconnaissance Vehicles , CBRNE EQUIPMENT, Decontaminations Systems, Detection & Monitoring Systems, Radiation & Contamination Measuring Equipment, WEAPON, WEAPON SYSTEM, AMMUNITION & EXPLOSIVE, Bomb Detection and Disposal Equipment



The Slovak Ministry of Defence (SVK MOD) is a central state administrative body of the Slovak Republic in the field of defence.

The MOD guarantees:
- to deliver the defence of the Slovak Republic,
- to build and exercise command and control over the Slovak Armed Forces,
- to co-ordinate the activities of central state administrative bodies and institutions, aimed at preparing the defence of the Slovak Republic,
- to ensure the inviolability of Slovak airspace,
- to co-ordinate military and civil air traffic,
- to run Military Intelligence,
- to manage military facilities and military forests.

The MOD is committed to:
- co-ordinating preparation efforts to deliver the country's defences according to the Defence System Concept as set out by the National Defence Council,
- using allocated finances in accordance with the intentions of the state budget,
- implementing measures in preparation of Homeland Defence within the scope of its competence and deploying the Slovak Armed Forces whenever required.

Product Category: OTHERS, National Organisations

NITECORE Flashlight

People's Republic of China

With the industry-leading innovative power for 14 years, NITECORE is the first brand to achieve a grand-slam milestone in the industries of professional lighting and chargers to receive the German iF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, the Japanese G-Mark (Good Design) and the American IDEA, We specialize in product lines varying from tactical flashlights to outdoor lighting equipment and power solutions specially designed for law enforcement and military departments, industrial corporations and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

Product Category: UNIFORMS, PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT AND BODY ACCESORIES, Containers, Bag, Pouches, Cases, SPECIAL EQUIPMENT & MISCELLANEOUS, Lighting, Signage-Light Signs-Markers, Personal Survival Equipment