Czech Republic

OPTOKON, a.s., is a leading global designer and manufacturer of fiber optic network solutions specializing in the production of military tactical components for use in harsh environmental conditions. OPTOKON currently supplies the military forces of more than 20 countries with high-quality military tactical components using unique Expanded Beam technology.  Our extensive product portfolio of ruggedized products includes our new generation of highly versatile mobile computing LMCP platform, HMA connectors, high-class Rugged IP phones, ruggedized LMSW Switches, ruggedized LMC media converters, rugged test equipment, LMSR - R63 ruggedized next-gen gigabit routers, LMSW – E33 ruggedized gigabit ethernet layer 2 managed PoE switches, LMS 41H- 2U ruggedized fanless servers and the LMUPS uninterruptible power supply series.  The OPTOKON Czech and Malaysian calibration laboratories offer accredited calibration services. Our Testing Division conducts mechanical, thermal and EMC tests .

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